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Steelmaking is a complex process that has evolved over the years and requires a wide variety of additives to get the desired chemistry and minimum inclusions or different grades. The most common types of these additives are the ferro-alloys and the synthetic slags. We have been supplying a lot of these additives to the steel manufacturers across the globe who value the quality of these additives over any other factors.

Our additives are supplied in different sizes and chemistry that is certified and has gone through multiple stages of inspection. Given below is the list of typical steel-making additives from our portfolio:

  •  Ferro-chrome alloy
  • Ferro-manganese alloy
  • Ferro-silicon alloy
  • Silicon-manganese alloy
  • Ferroalloys with Tungsten, Boron, Titanium, Nickel, and Vanadium.
  • Calcium ferrite
  • Synthetic slags with defined basicity